I’m not going to lie – when I realised that this week brings the final instalment of the Twilight trilogy, I cast my mind back to Breaking Dawn Part 1. Whilst I wouldn’t call myself a Twihard by any means, I possibly re-watched the first half of that movie on a flight to Perth simply to reminisce the extraordinary attention to detail that was bestowed upon the wedding.

From the ethereal forest to the skilfully carved pews to the pearl-lined French Chantilly lace gown… I loved it all! However, what perfected the ceremonial styling was the canopy of 160,000 strings of wisteria that cascaded down from the trees. It defined a parameter wherein guests and bridal party could interact, where they felt invited, where an atmosphere of intimacy existed.

After seeing this breathtaking set up, a realisation dawned on me – styling in the past has always focused on what was at eye level, or on the ground, but never what was ‘above’. It was all about the tablescape, the red carpet, but never the ceiling. I truly believe that having something skywards is what ‘ices the cake’. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that you could take away almost all other decor, and you would still have a spectacular setting for a wedding.

Check out these amazing ‘canopies’ and consider how you may include suspended flowers, chinese lanterns, fairy lights, paper cranes, bird cages, parasols, or drapes: