I am sitting here on a rainy afternoon… and when I say rainy, I mean torrential rain and wind gusts that have all but ruined a good Australia Day long weekend! Admittedly though, I do love a good Aussie summer storm, especially when it forces you to stay indoors and catch up on some blogging.

I came across a beautiful post (read here) which impacted me for two reasons:

One…     I L.O.V.E. love this bride’s hair colour… seriously, I know I’m a true blonde, and that going brunette didn’t work out, but I’m back on the red-headed bandwagon and thinking of colouring my locks to this gorgeous hue as we go into Autumn in a month or two.

Two…     I couldn’t agree more with what the bride Mary quoted, “We remembered to stop and enjoy every moment. We remembered to stop and enjoy each other. It wasn’t a big blur because we made an intentional decision to bask in every minute of it.”

Your wedding day is over and done with in the blink of an eye, and it truly is about making the most of every single moment! Congratulations Mary and Dave – I am so pleased that you took the time out to enjoy your day and the memories.