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On the first day of the twelfth month of two thousand and twelve, I awoke to a gloriously warm summer day… sick as a dog. I grabbed tissues, nasal decongestant, and possibly overdosed on Nurofen – but nothing was going to keep me from attending my cousin-in-law’s wedding at Hillstone St Lucia. By the time we arrived just shy of the 10am ceremony, I was seriously glad that my fishtail braid had won the debate over loose waves! Sweltering was an understatement. I praised my choice in patterned dress as I felt sweat trace down my side {let it be known that my heart was going out to every suit and tied person present}.

Then the music started and from my partially-shaded position I could see a vision of flowing pink and white florals… not from my cold-induced fuzz but from the trio of beautiful bridesmaids. I loved seeing colour and pattern present in a wedding! The floral print suited a garden ceremony and the floor-length fluidity maintained the elegance of a more formal affair. The ladies walked the aisle underneath a canopy of white wicker hearts, took their positions, and waited with expectation.

Allyce, escorted by her brother for the first part, floated down the stairs to be handed over to her father. Before I continue, I want to stop and acknowledge this personal touch. I have known Allyce and her family for over a decade and they have an incredible rapport between siblings – there is so much love between them, and so with her sister as matron of honour, I was touched to see her brother involved in this way.


Although I couldn’t see Mark’s face, I am sure it would have been beaming as he saw his bride approach. Allyce is gorgeous on a normal day, but was resplendent in white on her wedding day! As they exchanged vows, I wove my way through guests and vine-covered pillars to get a better vantage point. My view may have been limited, but you could practically hear the love, smiles, and proud parents’ hearts as Allyce and Mark committed to a life together. There was clapping and congratulations and the bridal party were swept away for photos whilst the guests retreated to the Library Room for refreshments.


After downing ice-cold water and discussing how good the beetroot dip was, we were invited to enter the Rosewood Room. To my delight, the reception was hand-stamped by the couple with Tiffany chairs, homemade bonbonniere, and an array of crafty decor. The mother of the bride had invested her time into making coloured pom poms which were dotted around the room, the seating chart with tables listed in miniature frames, and adorable bunting that graced the top of their cake… that’s one clever lady! She also had a hand in attaching a cute bow to Allyce’s veil, and transforming a pair of Forever New flats into the sweetest wedding shoes.

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The rest of the afternoon was a mixture of great food, hilarious speeches, and well wishes. Dancing ensued including spontaneous entertainment by another cousin and dear old Nana much to everyone’s amusement! It was a heartfelt and lovely day and as I crept into bed for a late afternoon nap, I thought of the joy these two people will bring to everyone that crosses their path.            11317_568410373183873_24879451_n 18314_568410249850552_2097906513_n 285351_568410366517207_306799646_n 535555_568410359850541_1851833332_n Bless you both x