I have two friends at the moment who are on the hunt for their perfect dress. I say ‘hunt’ because I really do feel like its a pursuit for perfection. Finding one nice dress is not good enough. Finding one great dress is not good enough. You want to find the perfect dress – the one that when you put it on you know “this is it, this is the one!”

Easier said than done. I remember looking at dresses in each and every bridal store from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. I spent hours (days even) searching, and even after I found my dress, I couldn’t help looking some more just to be sure I hadn’t missed something better.

Today, I was reflecting on all the bridal gowns I have pinned on Pinterest (see my Wedding and Events board here), and how they are each unique. From ruffles to lace to grecian drapes, I’m sincerely glad that I don’t have to try and choose a dress given the styles, fabrics, textures, shades, and variety that is now out. But to those of you who do, I hope this little gallery inspires you to continue the hunt for your perfect dress!

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Which one is your favourite?