Welcome to my next instalment of Friday Favourites. I admit to a little obsession with the colour grey and the beautiful ways it can be incorporated into home decor and wedding styling.

There is something soft about the colour (correction: shade) and it lends itself so well to hues of pink, mint, lilac, navy, and more. Thus why my poor husband has heard me banging on about getting a grey sofa in our next place complete with accent cushions…

So without further ado, here’s my top grey-related images for the week:

grey tablecloths{grey tablecloths and Tiffany chairs}

Grey and yellow tablescape{grey and yellow tablescape}
Grey bridesmaids{grey bridesmaid dresses}

Grey LOVE napkins{grey LOVE napkins}

grey and green suit{grey textured suit}

grey and pink cake{grey and pink ruffle cake}

Grey mercury glass{grey translates through to mercury glass}

grey silver Christian Louboutin wedding shoes{who can resist Christian Louboutin}

grey flowergirl{grey flowergirl dress – this tot is too cute!}

So what’s the verdict? I think grey is the new black…