Awhile ago a friend of mine made the suggestion to write a post on the ‘First Look’ phenomenon. To be honest, I hadn’t really spent too much time looking into this new trend, but with the blessing of Polka Dot Bride, I started my research.

I was blown away by the number of images that made me smile (and possibly even tear up). My friend’s own images used to illustrate this post gave me goosebumps and made me feel like I was getting a sneak peek into a private moment in time.

I still sit on the fence on this one – I absolutely adore it from a bride/groom’s perspective where they can react without restraint; but as a guest I would hate to miss out on seeing that first look moment at the ceremony… I think it truly has to be the couple’s choice in the end!

Read more about First Look – To Wait or Not To Wait and let me know what you would do.

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