Your parents have raised you – whether it’s been your mother, father, step-parents, foster parents, grandparents or guardians. Either way, you are their little girl or boy getting married. They are proud of you and (most of them!) want to be involved.

If you are the only son/daughter, it will be tough. This is their one and only chance to be involved as mother or father of the groom/bride. If you are the first to be married, it will be tough. This is their first time, and they are novices. If you are the second, third, sixth, or last to wed, it will be tough. They now know how it works, and both suggestions and comparisons will flow thick and fast.

There is only one word to describe how you can handle your parents – gracefully.

So here is my take on how to do just that via Polka Dot Bride – Allowing Your Parents To Feel The Love

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