We all love a bit of old school every now and then… especially when it’s revamped in a modern way!

In fact, the trend for vintage, retro, antiques, has been lingering for a good year or more now. It just won’t go away! Some of it I love… and some I seriously wish stayed in the 60’s.

Whatever your taste, weddings have seen this theme play out strongly at many a reception, so here a few of my fave pins (courtesy of Pinterest):

vintage 2 {wax seals in a fun colour}vintage 3 {sepia postcards from around the world}
vintage 5{aged books tied up with string}

vintage 7 {navy suits and tie clips}vintage 8 {covering up! plus intricate lace details}vintage 9 {baby’s breath bouquet}vintage 11{french lace veil}

Happy Friday everyone!