Today I opened a Polka Dot Bride link and I am SO grateful that I took a minute from work to procrastinate!

Let me introduce you to Inbal Dror and her breathtaking Rome Collection.

Granted you need to be itty-bitty to pull one of these body-hugging gowns, but my they are simply stunning! My favourite? It would have to be the feminine back of the first image or the dainty bow on the bodice of the last… I personally think some of these would be incredible in a lingerie line too.

For more information see the full post here. And yes, this has possibly made me even more excited about visiting Europe at the end of the year!

inbal-Dror-Haute-Couture-Chic-Wedding-Gowns44inbal-Dror-Haute-Couture-Chic-Wedding-Gowns09 inbal-Dror-Haute-Couture-Chic-Wedding-Gowns30 inbal-Dror-Haute-Couture-Chic-Wedding-Gowns42 inbal-Dror-Haute-Couture-Chic-Wedding-Gowns53 inbal-Dror-Haute-Couture-Chic-Wedding-Gowns56