I’m loving all of these beautiful backdrops, unique ways of seating guests for the ceremony, and amazing aisles.

I think the ceremony is one area that can often be forgotten and people don’t tend to use their imagination nearly enough on this aspect of the day.

But first impressions are lasting so consider incorporating some of these beauties into your own space to say “I do”.

GtWWPBih5j9N9i3OASl4pFcajegMWeQA0xS2lwqurAc {Soften an industrial space with a flowing backdrop}e11672a72d051fee27f5c2516809503c {A backdrop of frames is a quirky addition}d82c40f2219b1cecef6c9974d856e15f {Now everybody has a front row seat}c6d29ee937d16fa0bc8ff87e724ce4ca {Perfect for a Winter Wonderland or Christmas theme}189960214fc8746e2e4e94aaaa2edd4a {360 degreee views}036981ea05e6ed5cf29f8c8b15fa715d {Make the statement up high for interest}7907f77ccf1dabf020b2a9940aeb72d6 {An example of how you can turn around a concrete space}7350a4ef4b8630894d8366a8916492fd {Twilight style with a canopy of falling flowers | Walking over water}1964c858ff7a12b16a4b803e49d34fb6{Making a barn look pretty}  751c1ea5815ecbba84f12dc77858f1ca {Location, location, location!}79bb577cefa90cd0f27b21fda3f07237 {Sunset and candlelight}4f04540c23abb69b2a68b9daafa59f43 {Choose a focal point like this beautiful big tree}2b2c74c15b881ab222f791f0d9480731 {Even plain indoor rooms can be converted with the right colours and textures}01ad0cb542c30468c92d6254bda4ab36{Bridesmaids walk in from different sides – LOVE}