A little while ago I discovered a blog by the talented Rachel MacDonald: In Spaces Between. Everything about this blog is gorgeous… everything!

It starts with the name of the blog, described by Rach as “…a reminder. To take pause in the spaces between doing ‘stuff’ – between work, hammering it out on the treadmill, toggling between 10 screens on the computer whilst wolfing down a salad sandwich – to consciously do the things that make you smile from the inside out.” Nice huh?

Rachel recently married Ramai and you can check out their beautiful wedding here… it’s a palette of deliciousness from the pastels to the natives to the sweet location. They then went on honeymoon and (lucky for me!) have visited a load of places that hubby and I are planning for our own trip. I love the tips, the insights, the stories, and the stunning imagery – it seriously makes me excited for our own European adventure.

Below I’ve linked the first 4 Parts of their travels for your viewing pleasure… after a sneaky wedding photo that I couldn’t help including because not only are they one attractive couple, but the colours from the backdrop are incredibly pretty. Happy Friday!

In Spaces Between - R+R_516

Travelling in Rome: Tales from Our Trip Part 1

In Spaces Between - Rome

Travelling in Positano: Tales from Our Trip Part 2

In Spaces Between - Positano

Travelling in Capri: Tales from Our Trip Part 3

In Spaces Between - Capri

In Spaces Between - Cinque Terre