Couple’s shoots… engagement photos… e-sessions… whatever you want to call them, I’ve become a little obsessed. I think it’s because I’ve seen so many bad ones.

Casual Romance

You know those awkward photos where you can tell the couple have been staring into each others’ eyes for a little too long. Or the ones that see the couple’s bodies pressed together and lip-locked in every.single.frame. Or the ones which make you cringe because they simply look lame…

Well I hope these little guidelines help you to have a great viewer-friendly shoot to celebrate your love! Like the peeps above… I think they’re cute.

Don’t try and be something you’re not… just because everybody else is doing the vintage/retro thing, doesn’t mean you have to if it’s not your style. Be true to who you are as a couple, saying that, if you love to dress up then go for it!

Retro {See more of Cassie + Bennett’s Playful Outdoor Engagement}

Why so serious…? The best couple shoots are full of fun and laughter and sweet sweet love. Like these two – how I wish they were a couple – their chemistry is out of this world!


But if you’re as cool as these cats below… then you’re allowed to be a little serious.

Cool Cats{see more of Shaylee + Phil’s Hippie Chic Love}

Bring it back to nature… the outdoors is beautifully scenic and makes your images look more like personal snaps from holiday as opposed to a staged shoot. Maybe just lose the corny wooden letters.

Into the WildernessWork with a theme… try picking something you love and center the shoot around that time of year, season, event, etc.

Christmas Love

Snow Kiss

Keep a homely feel… if it makes you feel more comfortable, shoot within your own environment. Simply expand on what you’d usually do at home, whether it be cooking, movie nights, or playing with your fluffball of a pooch.

Living Room Fort{See more of Devin + Adam’s Living Room Fort}

Embrace the rain… let’s face it – rain is not only a whole lot of fun, it’s a bit sexy too

In the Rain

Make a statement through an experience… if you really want the wow factor, then make the shoot an experience of its own

Hot Air Balloon

It goes without saying, but keep it PG… yes some people want to do the boudoir shoots… but I beg you not to post those to Facebook. We don’t need to see that much detail. Really.

Bedroom Signage

Above all, maintain contact… being connected to one another within the shoot will speak volumes of your relationship and love for one another. Don’t pose awkwardly like teenagers at prom. A little PDA is more than appropriate here.

PS I love youHave fun!