Our 8-week European adventure started like this: my husband rummaging through our storage unit to find the one box that contained the one file expander that held the contents of two very precious passports. Did we seriously just pack our passports into storage? Yes. But, given the events of the week prior I’m not surprised as we were running on empty…

One Week Earlier…

There are some moments in life that you never forget. Moments you can remember every tiny detail of – where you were, what you were wearing, how you found out. One week prior to our departure, I found out that my Pops had passed away and reality hit that the opportunity to see him in England was now lost. I deeply regret this, yet understand there was nothing I could do, and can only hope that he is now resting peacefully. I like to think that we would have gotten along well.

This week also marked our 10 year school reunion, which as an event planner and past school-captain (nerd alert), I was co-organising. So with the week off to an emotional start, stress was now added to the mix. Complications with venue minimum-spends, drink tickets, and a surprise appearance from the current school Principal had me on edge. It was a great night though, and at 2am we finally crept into bed to prepare us for #3 Big Event of the Week: moving house.

Not only did we have the task of packing a suitcase for 8 weeks, but we also had the contents of our unit to be moved into storage. Our lease was up, and for some reason we decided that moving the day after our reunion and just 48 hours before heading overseas was worth saving on the rent. Idiotic? Perhaps. But nevertheless we managed to pull through and have everything packed away in storage – including before-mentioned passports.


Leaving Day…

With passports finally in hand, we made our way to the airport, and onto an A-380 to settle in for the 24-hour trip. Gah, I hate flying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a nervous flyer by any means. I just hate the lack of fresh air, the weird smell of the bathrooms, and trying to get comfortable in a position that is not conducive to beauty sleep. But alas, 24-hours later, we arrived in The Eternal City: Rome, ready to start our adventure!

1. Rome
2. Tuscany
3. Cinque Terre
4. Nice
5. Barcelona
6. Venice
7. Engelberg & Lucerne
8. Paris
9. Edinburgh & Highlands
10. Tour of Ireland
11. West Yorkshire
12. Bath & London