I followed their wedding countdown on Polka Dot Bride, but now it’s time to see all of those pretty pictures from Darren + Teagen’s wedding courtesy of Alcorn Images – enjoy… 

{Pre-Ceremony Preparations}

We awoke to blue skies and butterflies as the day had finally arrived – seventeenth of January 2014. The girls were given sweet notes and floral robes from the bride, whilst the boys focused on the first big decision of the day: what to order for brekkie.  1 D+T_Colour-483 2 D+T_Colour-473 3 D+T_Colour-313

A modest bunch we are… caught in the act of a cleavage-check. Good to see Elana was looking out for the bride!

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“My dress was designed and made by Karen Willis Homes and it was the very first thing, after my husband, that shaped my entire wedding. It was a fitted mermaid shape with a train, and for the ceremony I had a beautiful lace peplum jacket. For the reception I took that off, and replaced it with a fun necklace. I loved having two dresses for each part of the day.” – Teagen
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Our last-minute off-the-rack replacement dresses were the best complement to Teagen’s gown. They fit beautifully, weren’t too hot, and kept the elegant look that Darren and Teagen were wanting to achieve.

20 D+T_Colour-7604 D+T_Colour-125501 D+T_Colour-123403 D+T_Colour-123302 D+T_Colour-123806 D+T_Colour-1267

Ladies… three of these groomsmen are still single… just saying.

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“Darren and I wanted to pray together before we got married. So we organised for him to come to my hotel on the way to the ceremony. We of course, didn’t want to see eachother, so he stood one side of the door and I stood on the other. It was one of the most beautiful moments I experienced that day. Our photographers took a few snaps and then left, as we prayed together. We didn’t want our day to start any other way than praising the Creator.” – Teagen

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{Ceremony Go Time}

The guys huddled in prayer but they had nothing to worry about as Teagen arrived on time as the final guests scurried inside Powerhouse, New Farm. There were vinyls, forgotten vows, and misty eyes, as my youngest brother and now sister-in-law said “I do”.

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“So , my father isn’t a man of many words. He is the humblest man I’ve ever known, and one who when speaks, you know it’s thought out, and carefully said. We’re driving in the car to the ceremony, just my dad and I, and this man who I admire wholeheartedly looks at me and tells me how beautiful I look. So little, so simple.” – Teagen

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“The Powerhouse was one of the most incredible venues to get married. I had no idea how spectacular it would be til the second I was walking down the aisle.” – Teagen

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{Bridal Party Photos}

My darling mother packed each of our cars with a mini feast during our photoshoot at Fort Lytton National Park – croissants, sliced fruit, biltong, chocolates, champagne – it was all there and very much appreciated!

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New GG cover? Chuck Bass eat your heart out xoxo

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The bridal party arrived at Lightspace in time to mingle with guests, as the newlyweds had some private snaps. Upon entry I was blown away to see the transformation complete from the day before. This truly was a Pinterest wedding in every sense! Just take a look for yourself…

01 D+T_Colour-1218 02 D+T_Colour-1092 03 D+T_Colour-1542 04 D+T_Colour-943 05 D+T_Colour-1502 06 D+T_Colour-1504DSC_0592 DSC_0653 09 D+T_Colour-1511

“We bought/made a lot of things ourselves. We had Greg & Chris from AV Ideas add spark and light and the giant movie screen, Little Gray Station supply mismatched chairs and pretty details, and Dalton Catering supplied the beautiful wooden feast-style tables.” – Teagen

10 D+T_B+W-960 10 D+T_Colour-970

“We had our three course meal as shared feast style buffet brought to the tables.” – Teagen

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“Lightspace was a complete blank canvas which allowed my creative imagination, that I usually have to supress, to go WILD. We had long, bare wooden tables with mismatched plates, hanging light bulbs and fresh flowers, live jazz music, old school movie clips playing on a big screen (they were my favourite romantic movies). The place was just dripping with warm light and colour” – Teagen

15 D+T_Colour-1521 16 D+T_Colour-1547 16 D+T_Colour-1615DSC_0577 17 D+T_Colour-1050 18 D+T_Colour-1058 19 D+T_Colour-1059 19 D+T_Colour-1594 20 D+T_Colour-1107 20 D+T_Colour-1606

This is one of my favourite photos from the night – Dad getting misty-eyed as Darren (also tearing up) thanked him for loving our Mom during his speech.

21 D+T_Colour-1113 22 D+T_Colour-1559 23 D+T_Colour-1597 25 D+T_Colour-1601 27 D+T_Colour-1612 28 D+T_Colour-1613DSC_0570DSC_0573 29 D+T_Colour-1128 30 D+T_Colour-1032 31 D+T_Colour-1133 32 D+T_Colour-1134

Usually when it comes time for the bouquet toss and garter throw, there’s a few unenthusiastic individuals praying that the items don’t fall their way. I loved how this bunch of people were exactly the opposite. Two girls leaping for the catch, whilst the boys… well, just take a look below!

33 D+T_Colour-1140 34 D+T_Colour-114135 D+T_Colour-114636 D+T_Colour-114937 D+T_Colour-115539 D+T_Colour-115840 D+T_Colour-1186

“We danced to ‘Come Away With Me’ by Norah Jones. A couple months into our dating relationship Darren took me to this old Fire Tower after dinner. The tower was in the middle of nowhere and very high. But once we scaled the winding stairs, we danced for the first time, in the dark overlooking Brisbane, to Norah Jones – Come Away With Me” – Teagen

41 D+T_Colour-163142 D+T_Colour-1189

I loved this wedding – everything from the set up, the details, the location – and yet, my favourite part is what can be seen all along. The love of two people. And for this, I am very glad that my littlest brother has found his love, and we welcome Teags into our family with open arms. Have a beautiful marriage you two x