Hello 2015.

Here’s to a new year and a very new lifestyle. 


I’m kind of a sicko because I have fomo about not returning to work today. I should be lapping up these precious moments of holiday leave pre-baby, but instead I find myself wondering what my colleagues are up to… if I left enough instructions for them to continue on with my events… and worst yet I have the urge to type my work login password just one more time. Sick I tell you, sick.


But, I digress. I finished up work at midday Christmas Eve, made it through the silly season, and then escaped with a bunch of friends to Noosa for a week of sunshine, good coffee, and bikini-wearing. Mentioning the latter with a positive spin is a first for me – I am one of those average-sized girls surrounded by Victoria Secret angel-looking friends, and therefore the very practice of flaunting a bikini is cause for angst.


However, I believe there is a moment in life when a girl becomes aware of the impact of her presence on those around her. It’s not a conceited thing, it’s beautiful. It’s something that every woman deserves to experience and acknowledge. For me, wearing that bikini at nearly 8 months pregnant was that moment.


I felt confident, at ease, loved-up, and glowing (albeit that could have just been my sweaty upper lip). My friends were rock stars and full of encouragement and compliments. I tried my best to cherish that week full of freedom, baby kicks, and undisturbed Monopoly. I even made it into 2015 awake, sitting in a plunge pool under pouring rain whilst we counted down to the new year and celebrated. Good memories.


So whilst I hesitate in saying that I love every aspect of being pregnant (I mean who does, seriously?) I can say whole-heartedly that it definitely has its highlights. Like sneakily catching my hubby belly-gazing. This kid is already so loved.


So to 2015, and to all that it may bring.