Accommodation | With family in Halifax
Must Do | Explore towns nearby, Take day trips to bigger cities, Visit Salts Mill
Worthy to Note | West Yorkshire is a good base for football fans and a mid-point between London and Edinburgh 


We flew Ryanair from Dublin to Leeds/Bradford with a lively bunch on the plane who applauded upon landing (I would have hoped landing safely was a given, but nonetheless). At the other end we were met by my cousin Steph and her partner Rob. Looking at the two of us, you would never guess we were related. Her dark hair, tanned skin, and large brown eyes couldn’t be more opposite from my blonde, blue-eyed, fairness. I held back giggles at the sound of her unfamiliar pommy accent as we drove to my aunty and uncle’s place to stay for the week.


The next day, Rob & Steph took us to Haworth with its cute village charm, pub lunch, and hot cider at the markets. As we returned home, I was met by my father’s kind eyes creased with fine wrinkles – except these weren’t the eyes of my father, but those of my uncle – and this time there was no mistaking blood lines! Their similarities were uncanny and were continually revealed as we met up with more family that night, chatting until the wee hours of the morning.


I won’t give you the blow to blow account of the next several days… for me, these were personal and meaningful because they were with family… for you, they would probably sound mundane and ordinary. But, whether we were walking around Ogden Lake, experiencing Yorkshire pudding for the first time, or taking a trek through Hardcastle Craggs, the highlight was always the company. I knew this was a rare opportunity to spend time with family so relished our chats over coffee, good-natured teasing, and deeper conversations.


One particular outing we took was to the Salts Mill in Saltaire. This well-preserved industrial village includes the mills that have been converted to house art, books, homewares, jewellery, outdoorsy things, and more. I picked up a cute hand-painted card set, as well as a hand-crafted wooden Nativity set which, despite its price tag, I know will stay in our family for years.


James and I made a day trip to both Leeds and Manchester during that week, and followed our noses to the Christmas markets which were full with the aroma of German bratwurst and freshly baked coconut macaroons.


Our time in West Yorkshire may have come to an end sooner than I liked, but I treasured the time spent with loved ones. For those without family in this part of the woods, West Yorkshire is a good base for the football fanatics as well as a great mid-way point between London and Edinburgh.

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