Accommodation | Designers Home Rm 2, Bath | Patio studio in the heart of Bayswater, London
Must Do | Roman Baths, Hop On Hop Off (ticks off all the biggies), Churchill War Rooms
Worthy to Note | If you have your heart set on a certain musical/play and time is limited then ensure you book ahead to guarantee you don’t miss out 


I had a goal of blogging our entire Europe trip within a year… by August 2014 I had published 10 of the 12 part series. I’m not sure why it has taken me an additional 5 months to get to this, the final post. Perhaps there is a part of me that doesn’t want to close the chapter, but alas, a year on it is time to put into words the last part of Eureidvision… so here goes:

We hired a car from Bradford and drove to Bath with the intention of bypassing the Cotswolds for lunch. Unfortunately for us, traffic was a snail’s pace so we abandoned that idea and went straight to our destination. We met our lovely host Anna at her 4-storey renovated home which was simply adorable. We grabbed Thai for dinner and walked around town, and I was pretty sure I recognised the Les Miserables suicide scene at the weir – a quick check on IMDB confirmed this is where it was actually filmed! Turns out Bath is backdrop for many a blockbuster and they even run tours for those movie buffs who may wish to run into their own Mr Darcy.



We awoke the next morning to the divine smell of home-baked bread… let me tell you there is nothing better than a fresh warm loaf lathered with butter and jam. Bellies full and hearts content, we took off to the Roman Baths. The admission included an audio guide which was great, because truth be told, I didn’t really know much about these natural hot springs apart from the fact they were used for bathing and socialising. The use of holographics within the complex is clever, and I especially loved the way one of the smaller baths sparkled from countless coins tossed in by tourists.




Window shopping ensued and then we reluctantly left Bath for the 1.5 hour drive to London, via Stonehenge. Upon approach, I started to believe the reviews of this overrated circle of stones called a world-wonder… but before you get your back up, I can say that those feelings disseminated as soon as I was standing on ground level craning my neck skyward. Their sheer size is enough to appreciate this location regardless of how you believe they got there.




The final accommodation for our trip was located just a few blocks from the London Underground (tube). The owners had converted their cellar into a studio with bed, lounge, kitchenette, and bathroom – once again research had paid off and I was pleased with my Airbnb choice. We spent the afternoon wandering around Notting Hill and got an early night in preparation for a full tomorrow with a Hop On Hop Off pass.



We covered a lot of ground that day ticking off Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards, a walk through the nearby gardens and feeding of squirrels (I flipping love these furry creatures!), the red line out to O2 Arena and back to Tower of London, before finishing up with a river cruise to the London Eye. By this time it was well dark and Big Ben was lit up in all its impressive glory.


The next morning brought frustration as we unwisely tried to sort a rental application for our return home… with limited wi-fi, no scanning capacity, and an endless request of identification documents, we decided not to waste any more time – after all, we only had a few days left of this amazing trip. We bypassed Westminster Abbey before meeting my cousin at the Churchill War Rooms which were way cooler than anticipated! Audio guide is a must and I promise you’ll be intrigued even if that’s typically not your thing.

The same can be said for seeing a musical/play in London… my husband makes me wear headphones when watching a Glee episode, so needless to say, I was a little apprehensive as to his attitude towards seeing The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre that night. It was a sensation though, with brilliant sets, an incredible cast, and the puppets seamlessly wove their way into the story only enhancing the experience.

DSC_0028_5 DSC_0075_4DSC_0074_5

On the last day of the month we visited Harrods – a ridiculous waste of time unless you are loaded – but amusing nonetheless as we people watched and shared an exorbitant milkshake. Perhaps my favourite experience in London occurred that evening as we met up with cousins at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Everything magical about Christmas is rolled into one here: mulled wine, ice rinks, wooden chalet markets, and an Ice Kingdom… this girl was in her {frozen} element.

DSC_0006_5 DSC_0175_5 DSC_0199_5 DSC_0215_5 DSC_1017_4 DSC_1020_3

The only experience that may have been on par with Winter Wonderland was dining at Jamie’s Fifteen restaurant. James loved Jamie long before he (James) was cooking himself or he (Jamie) was world-renowned, so it was a treat to dine in his restaurant. The food was hearty and warming and the espresso martinis ended a perfect evening and couple of months in Europe.


What an adventure we had!

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