Now donut get me wrong (yes, i just went there folks) ’cause I love a good donut. Krispy Kreme traditional glazed especially. But I’ve been seeing these donut walls pop up more and more in my social feeds, and I’m just not sure how I feel about them. donut wall 3

For sure I would tuck into one – or three – given the chance, but I feel like they may be going down the path of cupcake towers and cheese-wheel cakes. They’ll have their place as the latest unique offering, but will soon die down after a few years when they’re no longer novel.

donut wall 4

Sooo… is that necessarily a bad thing? Or just some harmless fun that a couple can choose to set their wedding day apart from the traditional dessert/sweet options? Maybe I’ll come full circle on this one (ka-boom-ching!) and let donut walls have their day. After all, it’s nearly 3pm on a Friday arvo and I could kinda go one right now…

donut wall 5

So what do you think? Is the latest craze a little cray cray? Or will you be ordering one of these bad boys for your celebrations?

donut wall 1

Images courtesy of Pinterest.